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Our Services

Web Designing

We provide complete web site for your organization with ERP, HR and Inventory System.

Develop Software Products

We provide software products like invoicing, ERP etc as per your requirement.

Bulk Selling of Laptops/Tablets

We provide refurbished laptops/tablets in bulk at resonable price.

Developing Salesforce Applications

We also works on salesforce applications which reduces the complexity in maintaining records .


Digital Marketing

  • Payment Gateway
  • Bulk SMS
  • Promotional E-Mail
  • Data Analysis
  • Digital Automation

Data Mining

  • Big Data
  • Data Warehousing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Product Enlistment
  • Customized Email

Business Lead

  • Robotics
  • Neural Network
  • Mathematical Analysis and Algorithm
  • GST Based ERP
  • Customized ERP


  • Page Ranking
  • Content Management
  • Content Writing
  • Logo Design
  • Photo Editing